This is the Colfondo of our grandparents, the traditional wine. At the dining table, our grandfather Aldo would always have a bottle of his colfondo: honest and “rough”, just like his hands after a day's work.

L’Aldo Colfondo Col Del Lupo vino della tradizione
  • Denomination: white sparkling wine “della tradizione”
  • Type: dry sparkling, crown cap
  • Variety and origin of the grapes:native local grapes
  • Cultivation: organically farmed
  • Harvest: grapes harvested by hand in early September
  • Alcohol: 11% Vol.

  • Sugar residue: almost absent, < 1 g/l
  • Organoleptic characteristics: straw yellow in colour, cloudy. The nose reveals citrus and fresh fruit notes in the first months, replaced by more complex tertiary aromas after the year of bottling. The characteristic scent of bread crust and a delicately bitter aftertaste also emerges. In the mouth it is dry, mineral, and with good acidity.
  • Storage: store vertically in a cool dark place. Left to mature for at least 6 months after bottling. Unlike sparkling wines, this type of refermented wine lends itself to a longer aging in the bottle and over time its character develops in surprising and interesting ways.
  • Serving temperature:: 8-10°C
  • How to serve: for a more decisive character, turn the bottle upside down to mix up the yeast sediment resting on the bottom. For a more delicate taste, decant the wine, leaving the yeast sediment in the bottom of the bottle.
  • Pairings: ideal accompaniment for cheese platters and cold cuts, also recommended with a gourmet pizza.

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