About us

Descending from Valdobbiadene, towards the south and the valley of the river Piave you get to Colbertaldo – a village embraced by gentle hills where the vines follow the ridges  tracing the course of the sun. Here our winery Col del Lupo was born.

Prosecco Col del Lupo is the result of grandfather Aldo Adami's passion for both the land and the wine, the tenacity and dedication of his daughter Diana to developing the winery and the professionalism and innovation of his nephew Marco, graduated in oenology.

The production of wine is ancient history, knowledge with art, tradition and innovation.

Our Prosecco

Grandfather's words accompany us during the work at the vineyard. A magnificent "riva" on top of a hill whose view is wonderful, produces the homonymous wine  Conegliano Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG Col Del Lupo. A unique Prosecco with a delicate elegant flavour and a typically fruity and flowery scent.

It's best with food, and drunk from flutes, so its fine bubbles can surface. It's great on special occasions and we love nothing more than to uncork a Prosecco bottle with friends, or in company, just for the pleasure of staying together.


The area

As soon as you get to the Valdobbiadene region you will be struck by the beauty of the hills with their play of shapes and colours, rows of vines and old stone cottages which create an extraordinary effect with the mountains in the background.

The hills emerged in the Tertiary period and they are made up of yellow bluish marls mixed with sandstone and clayey ground offering the ideal position to cultivate the vine. Each hill has different soil and produces grapes which give the wine a singular taste as if you could distinguish one producer from the other.

This charming scenery is the result of the work of men and women who believe in what they do. It's a land to discover, to unveil its people, its culture and its products. From this land, there emerges an extraordinary wine, the Prosecco DOCG.